Welcome to TallnNatural, a Tall Fashion Blog.   TallnNatural is where you come to get tall fashion inspiration as well as how you’ll find your next favorite outfit that fits your frame and your next favorite pair of shoes!   Because I’m a shoeaholic, I spend a lot of time searching for great shoes in sizes 11+, and I love to share my finds with you!


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My name is Rajahnique Jones.  I’m 6′ tall.  I’m a Southern California girl living in the Bay Area.  I’ve moved away from Southern California a handful of times, and this move to the Bay is the first time I didn’t feel the tug of home!  I love the Bay!  It definitely is my home away from home.    I have a handsome husband and 4 beautiful children.  Thank goodness I only had to go through childbirth twice.  Not because I had twins both times, but because I have a wonderful blended family.

When I’m not on the concrete runway with my Instagram husband by my side, I’m in a courtroom or law firm in the capacity of a stenographer or at home being a wife and a mother.

A few things I love, in no particular order:

  • I love to laugh.  Funny people are my favorite people.
  • I love to eat.
  • I love my family.
  • I love to see women support one another!
  • I love God.
  • I love shoes.

Inches vs. Fashion

I don’t recollect ever feeling uncomfortable with my height.   Granted, my memory isn’t worth much.  I do remember the frustration of not being able to go into a shoe store and buy cute shoes, which continues on to today.   I have to say, it is not yet where it needs to be,  And you have to know, I started off wearing a Size 11 shoe and moved on up to a 11.5/12 after having my children.  I don’t remember reading about my feet getting bigger before I got pregnant.  None of my mom friends put me up on game.  Nothing.  I was blindsighted.  And you know the drop off in selection each shoe size, even half shoe size,  from 10 on is a drastic one.  Ugh….


God made my feet so big because he knew if it was easier for me to find shoes, I’d be broke.

But that wasn’t my main struggle.  My main struggle is being consistently inconsistent.   Every once in a while I’d say,  I’m going to dress up more.   It would last about 4 or 5 days.  I just never cared enough.  My sleep meant more to me than makeup.   My favorite thing to do in the morning was to test myself and see how long I could sleep before having to wake up, get dressed, and still get to work on time.  The faster, the better.  LOL.  In addition to that base feeling, you read about me having a husband, a job, and four kids (each in some sort of sport/activity).   You get my drift.

What changed?   They say iron sharpens iron.  I was blessed to develop some new friendships with some wonderful, wonderfully fashionable women.  Little by little, they started sharpening me.  I asked my friend (BDA CALI STYLE) to come shopping with me one day, and her husband said, DON’T DO IT.  SHE’LL RUIN YOU.  And she did.  She ruined me wonderfully.  I love shopping now.  I love walking out of the door looking and feeling my best.  One thing you can’t deny is the feeling that you get when you’re looking your best.

I started this journey with my Instagram page.      They say that the best way to reach your goals is to write them down so you have a clear vision of where you’re going and how to get there, and I’ve found that true in various areas of my life.  I decided to take it a step further and capture each step I took chasing my goal.   A visual journal via Instagram showing me how far I’ve come and how long I’ve been going.   That, in turn, brought me to blogging.  Still chasing my goal, I’ll be able to get more in depth with each step I take.   The thought of me motivating others through the documentation of my journey motivates me.


The thought of me motivating others through the documentation of my journey motivates me.


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Nicole Neville July 13, 2016 - 2:52 pm

Wow, You just describe exacly how I have been feeling. thak you for for positive outlook! your testimony was a blessing. Thanks – Cole

Patti July 31, 2016 - 12:10 pm

Love your site. I’m 6 feet tall with 4 tall girls. I always need ideas. I am not a fashionista. Thanks for providing a great source for fashion.

Rajahnique August 1, 2016 - 1:42 pm

Sounds like you’ve got a handful there! I’ve got three tall girls and a tall boy myself, so I know all about it. Thanks for the support! And I love that your website focuses on exercise, health and hair! I need to get moving a bit more myself!


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